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This section provides you with clickable maps and programme information about the INTERREG IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, INTERACT & ESPON programmes. You navigate by clicking directly on the maps for the IIIA and IIIB programmes, or in the right menu to access the programme sections, where you find programme maps, programme summaries, programme website addresses, programme documents, contact details etc.

The maps were developed by the former INTERACT Point Information and Animation in cooperation with DG Regional Policy GIS department and Information unit. The programme documents have been collected by INTERACT Point Tool Box. INTERACT is also grateful for the valuable contributions from the INTERREG programmes.

The publication of the Mid Term Evaluations was approved by the different Managing Authorities responsible for the relevant Programmes. This project was planned and agreed by the Member States and the European Commission responsible for the INTERACT Programme and conducted by the INTERACT Programme Secretariat in 2004. This effort resulted in the Study of the Mid Term Evaluations of INTERREG Programmes for the Programming Period 2000-2006.